Hi Fi Car Stereo

"Your Audio & Video Repair Specialist"

We don't just repair your car radio's specific problem, we go
over the entire car radio to prevent any future problems. Your
refurbished car radio will be as good as new. Any manufacturing
design defects discovered since your radio was built will be
updated and modified. We use the same repair facility as the
major car manufacturers but charge a fraction of the price.

Factory Car Radios Direct uses new or factory certified parts in
all its repairs. Each of the technicians is a factory certified
electronic repair specialist and works on the same make and
type of unit every day. As a result, they are very familiar with the
details of your stereo and know of any potential trouble spots,
allowing them to properly diagnose and repair your equipment
and to check and correct any areas that may cause you future

Why repair your original car radio instead of buying an
after-market model? Most newer vehicles run their electronics
through the radio, to the vehicles computer (brain). To change
radios to an after-market radio would be costly and more time
consuming then just buying a new original radio. If your vehicle
has a factory CD changer, Navigation system, DVD player,
Steering wheel controls, Rear seat controls, Factory built in
amps, and some front airbag systems, you will usually lose these
functions. Also OEM stereos are sized and fitted to your car's
interior, are easy to use and less likely to be stolen.

We do not recommend eBay or salvage yards for buying a used
radio to solve your problems. If you feel you must buy another
radio then we suggest you go to the dealer. We are just trying to
be honest and informative from hearing other customers bad
experiences. Obviously having your radio refurbished is much
less expensive. Either refurbishing your radio from us or buying
your radio from a dealer is a better choice. This way you know
what your getting and you'll get it right the first time.

Services Include:

Offer warranty parts and labor.
Repair factory car stereos and equipment.
Most car radios can be repaired in 24 to 48 hours.